Sooner Lab Process

1.  Research – We believe our English Labrador Retrievers puppies will make the absolute best pets. Feel free to ask us any questions and research for yourself.

2.  Contact – We would love to know about your family, lifestyle, other animals and what are are looking for.

3.  Deposit- If we agree this would be a good fit, you place a $300 deposit to reserve your place. This goes towards the purchase of your puppy. Sooner labs reserves the right to hold back the first pick male and first pick female for our breeding program.

4.  Updates- After your puppy is born I will send pictures or videos each week of what is available to you. I also post pictures, so make sure you follow Sooner Labs on Facebook or Instagram.

5.  Additional Info- At 3 weeks of age I send info out on links for TLC Life Stages Dog food, NuVet vitamins, crates, puppy toys and other info.

6.  Picking your puppy- We make our picks at 5 weeks. We have a beautiful back yard if you would like to come pick in person. We schedule these in 30 minutes increments(usually on a Saturday morning). If this doesn’t work, we pick by pictures, videos and FaceTime. I will be glad to answer and help you in this process. Make sure you schedule a wellness exam within 3 business days of your puppy going home.

7. Puppy Pick Up Day- One of our favorite things is to meet our puppy families in person. We will schedule a time for you to pick up your puppy. Your puppy will have a bath and we will provide all the paperwork and answer all your questions.

8. Follow up- I always reach out the following day after your puppy goes home to check on you and answer any questions. We get pictures almost daily of our former pups and are here to answer any questions you may have throughout your dogs life